Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Food!

So after wanting to try one for at least a year today I purchased a share in a CSA! It's through West Wind Farms and is a group CSA which means I will get meat, veggies, dairy, and eggs. The good thing about this CSA also is that there is only a 1 month commitment so if it doesn't work for us I don't have a long commitment. It makes me nervous because I really want it to work and it's something new. My host house is about 2 1/2 miles away and pick up is Wednesday evenings so even when I work I should be able to run by and get my food stuffs! I really enjoy cooking sometimes when I'm getting to try new things with good ingredients. I'm worried that my share will be too much food or too little food. I guess the only way to know is try!

Tonight Kitty is curled up next to me and it's past Alfred's lights out time. I wonder if the CSA will include foods Alfred will enjoy. I plan on trying to grow him some food again this year but don't know if I'll try to grow much for the table. So far I haven't done to well with this but then every spring the bug hits and i want to try. Right now I have some arugula, upland cress, and spaghetti squash seeds waiting for time to be planted. I constantly debate with myself whether to use seeds or seedlings. I seem to do ok with seeds for greens and some squash but some others I do better with seedlings. Last year I tried to start some seedlings inside but it didn't work well. I think part of my seeds were from the year before so does that make a deference?

Work is scheduled for the next three days but hopefully after that I will upload some graphics for you, at least a profile photo.

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