Monday, June 4, 2012


So I still can't motivate myself to make that second sock. I've decided to bag and shelf it so I can move on with my life! I looked at a sock loom at JoAnn's the other day that I'm thinking about getting but now I'm afraid. I have made an owl hat for a friend's baby to be and also a star trek themed hat for another friend's child. Picked up some new yarn and may actually make my first sweater! I looked for the Caron light but they didn't have any when I was at the store, really going to keep my eyes out for it though. Trying Red Heart Soft for the first time and like it pretty well. I actually cannot tell a difference between it and Simply Soft. Maybe next post I can show some pictures of the difference and my projects.

In other news the cat has acted especially spoiled! If she wasn't spayed I would wonder if she was going into heat she meows so much. She is enjoying our new deck though, she likes to poke her head out and will tiptoe out eventually. The other day she saw another cat in the bushes and flew off the side of the deck to try to make friends. When the other cat bolted she couldn't figure out how to get back up, at least it was only about 5 feet on that side and she's didn't get hurt. She was one frightened Kitty and ran around to the front door to be let back in.

Alfred was gravid for awhile and has reabsorbed the eggs. Alfred messes are the only things I regularly clean with commercial cleaners, it is SO hard to get cleaned up otherwise. I ran through two bottles of soft scrub, I would clean up and then right before dark Alfred would get out and make another mess. The nesting box was only played in 1 day and I'm thinking of permanently re-purposing the tote we used.

The group CSA is still going well. It's almost like Christmas every week, I love the surprise of what I am getting. Sometimes I have difficulty getting the veggies prepped and they will be on their last leg of life when I use them. It's purely a lack of energy I've been suffering from, which is also why I've not been taking pictures every week. I've enjoyed grilling lots of it out on the deck and enjoying the weather.

I hope you've been enjoying yourselves as well!